Home Appliances Repair Services Near Me in Nairobi – Nairobi Easy Repair services all brands and types of home appliances. We stock most parts and can perform most repairs on the spot. All repairs come with a guarantee on labor and parts. We honor all manufacturer warranties, and will work with your insurance company.

If your washer, refrigerator, or range is beyond repair, we’ll sell you a new one at a competitive price and install it for you.

home appliances repair and spare parts
home appliances repair and spare parts

Washing Machine Repair in Nairobi

Searching for Washing Machine Repair Near Me? Sick of pressing buttons in various combinations to make it work? Well, it all ends right now with Nairobi Easy Repair Services in town. We are the solution to all your problems related to Washing Machine Repairing.

Let us put a stop to all your frustrations and end that horrible whining sound that comes out of your machine. Expect quality service in your budget with a guarantee for the satisfaction that you won’t find anywhere else.

home appliances repair electronics spare parts refrigerator cooker oven washer washing machine dryer microwave oven dishwasher repair kenya
home appliances repair electronics spare parts refrigerator cooker oven washer washing machine dryer microwave oven dishwasher repair kenya

Our skilled Washing Machine repairing mechanic are adept at solving any kind of problem associated with washing machines including automatic draining of water, no draining of water, loud sounds coming out of the machine, automatic door lock, water leakage, broken drum, spinning ok but no wash or wash o.k but no spinning. Even if your machine is dead or stuck in standby mode we can fix it.

Apart From Washing Machine Repair Service, we also provide repair services for LED TV, Geyser, Refrigerator, AC etc. For the complete list of our services, visit our Services page

Dishwasher Repair in Nairobi

Refrigerator Repair & Installation

The appliance you depend on the most? In most homes, it’s the refrigerator. A broken fridge is more than an inconvenience — when food starts to spoil, it’s nothing short of a catastrophe. Call us as soon as you notice a problem. We offer same-day repair.

Washer Repair & Installation Nairobi

Even the most reliable washers can break down, especially if you’re running several loads of laundry every week. If your washer leaks, vibrates excessively, or doesn’t spin, it’s time to call the pros at West Coast Nairobi Easy Repair. We work with all washer brands and carry parts for all top-loading and front-loading washing machines.

Dryer Repair & Installation Nairobi

Dryer failure comes with age and heavy use. Common issues include worn-out heating elements, faulty belts or motors, or a lack of lubrication. Proper diagnosis is critical to safe and effective repair. It pays to hire an experienced professional.

Dishwasher Repair & Installation Nairobi

Sure, you can get by without a dishwasher, but do you really want to? Plus, the longer a dishwasher sits unused, the more vulnerable it is to dry rot. A simple repair left unattended can degrade into an expensive appliance replacement job. A malfunctioning dishwasher may have worn-out parts, damaged wires, or a broken door latch, all of which we can diagnose and repair in a single visit.

Dishwasher repair nairobi kenya spare parts
Dishwasher repair nairobi kenya spare parts

Nairobi Stove & Oven Repair & Installation

You may not need us to replace a plug-in electrical coil or clean the most accessible components of a gas stove. But for anything else, call us. Modern stoves and ovens are complex appliances that require electrical know-how for proper diagnosis and repair.

They can also be dangerous when a repair is performed badly! Count on West Coast Nairobi Easy Repair for a fast, affordable, and safe repair.

Nairobi Microwave Oven Repair & Installation

A microwave oven that doesn’t heat food properly may have a damaged main control board or thermal fuse, a faulty door switch, or a damaged magnetron (the part responsible for generating microwave energy). We’ll let you know if it makes more sense to repair a microwave oven or install a new unit. If a new microwave is what you choose, we’ll install a new one on the spot.

microwave oven Repair
microwave oven Repair

Nairobi Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Garbage disposals are simple appliances but not always so simple to fix. Sometimes the most cost-effective approach is to replace a broken disposal with a newer unit. Whether your backed-up sink is due to poor drainage or a damaged disposal, we’ll pinpoint the issue and recommend the best approach for you — repair or replacement.

Nairobi Range Hood Installation & Repair

Range hoods can be complex pieces of equipment. UV, reclaiming heat pumps, and grease collection are technologies built into modern range hoods that help keep your kitchen air clean and comfortable.

Nairobi Appliance Installation

No appliance lasts forever, and if your washer, dryer, or refrigerator is pushing 15 or more years, it may be time for a new unit. We’ll sell you a major brand replacement at a competitive price, install it for you, and haul your old appliance to the recycling center, no hassles.

Appliance Service & Maintenance in Nairobi

Often, appliances don’t last as long as they should because they’re poorly maintained or not maintained at all. If you’ve sunk several thousand dollars into a deluxe stainless steel refrigerator with smart home connections, do you plan to buy another one in a few years? Maybe, if you’ve got money to burn.

But if you’re as smart as that new fridge in your showcase kitchen, you’ll want to protect your investment with scheduled maintenance from West Coast Nairobi Easy Repair. While we’re out, we’ll take a look at your other appliances and make sure they’re in peak operating condition.

Appliance Brands We Repair & Service

We service all brands and types of appliances and carry replacement parts for most brands in our warehouse. These include, but aren’t exclusive to:

  • Amana
  • American Standard
  • ASKO
  • Bosch
  • Dacor
  • DCS
  • Electrolux
  • Equator
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Frigidaire
  • Gaggenau
  • General Electric
  • Haier
  • Hotpoint
  • Subzero
  • Thermador
  • Viking
  • Whirlpool

Our technicians are certified, trained, and up-to-date on the latest technology. We serve the entire metropolitan Nairobi area. Call us today for fast, reliable repair

Our Rates, Warranties & Guarantees

  • All estimates for AC and heating installation are free.
  • We offer same-day service if you call before noon.
  • We don’t charge extra for late-night, weekend, and holiday appointments. Rates are identical regardless of the time of the visit.
  • All technicians are professionally trained, licensed, insured, and certified. Nairobi Easy Repair has been in business since 2010.
  • We honor all manufacturer warranties.
  • We guarantee labor for appliance repairs for 3 months minimum.
  • We warranty all replacement parts for 3 months minimum from the installation date. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties of 1 year or more.
  • The standard warranty for new appliances is up to 5 years, depending on the brand.
  • We guarantee labor for new HVAC installation (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) for 1 year minimum. Some HVAC components may come with extended factory warranties of 10-20 years, which we honor in all cases.

The #1 Home Appliance Repair Service in Nairobi, Nairobi – Kenya

Nairobi Easy Repair has offered affordable, first-rate appliance service to homes and businesses in metropolitan Nairobi. Nairobi Easy Repair installs, repairs, and maintains all appliance types, including:

  1. Washers
  2. Dryers
  3. Ovens
  4. Microwave Ovens
  5. Dishwashers

We service all major appliance brands and stock parts for many brands in our Nairobi warehouse. Any parts we don’t stock, we’ll order for you!

We can’t fix your toaster, air fryer, or car charger, but we service just about everything else. And we do mean EVERYTHING! Even your new tankless water heater. Even your exotic internet-connected double-door refrigerator.

What to Expect When You Call Us for Repair
When you contact us for home appliance repair, we will:

  1. Schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. We offer same-day service in most cases!
  2. Ask about your appliance brand and type so that we come prepared.
  3. Send a qualified, experienced technician to your home or business.
  4. Diagnose the problem and give you a written estimate of the cost of repairs.
  5. Repair your appliance quickly and efficiently.
  6. Test your appliance to make sure it’s working according to spec before we leave.
  7. Offer maintenance tips to help you avoid future problems.
  8. Guarantee our work and the parts we replace.
  9. Don’t go another day without your trusty dishwasher or dryer!


  1. Dishwasher Repair
  2. Electric oven repair
  3. Electric Cooker Repair
  4. Tumble Dryer Repair / Washer Dryer Repair